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Weight Management

Weight Management and Medical Weight Loss

Weight Management Cardiff

Losing weight is never easy. Group sessions can be effective, however this is not suitable for everybody and it is also important to identify and assess health problems associated with excess weight. It is also important to consider how you can not only lose weight, but maintain weight loss. It can also be difficult to decide if you wish to pursue interventions for obesity such as surgery. Our weight management clinic provides individuals with tailored one to one management, led by an experienced doctor with access to an expert dietitian. There are many options for weight loss available on the market. If you are not sure, we can provide you with the opportunity to find out what option will be best for you at your first appointment.

Weight Loss Programme

Many people ask about starting a medication such as Saxenda. We do use medication in appropriate people, but we do not offer medication without an initial review by Professor Datta. Many providers will offer medication via an on line enquiry form, or via a non-specialist. We do not offer this. We will charge for an initial appointment (£185) which includes all administration charges. If appropriate, we will send a private prescription in the post, which can be taken to your local pharmacy. They will charge you separately for this price of the medicine. An initial prescription for 3 months will be provided. A further 3 month prescription can be offered without additional charge from the clinic. Follow up appointments are charged at £150 and are required for repeat prescriptions beyond 6 months.