Weight Loss, Vascular and Diagnostic Medicine

Welcome to the home of medical weight lossvascular medicine and  diagnostic medicine in Cardiff and beyond.

The Metabolic Clinic is headed by Dr Dev Datta, an NHS Medical Consultant and we only work with qualified nurses and dietitians. Most of our services are provided in the private Spire Cardiff Hospital

The Metabolic Clinic offers services in three specialist areas.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic

There are a lot of options available to help with weight loss management. We only use proven techniques and provide you with safe and medically appropriate advice, based upon your clinical circumstances. You maybe thinking about embarking on a diet- we can provide professional support and monitoring. Our aim is for you not only to lose weight, but for you to maintain your weight loss and improve your health. We can offer a ’one-stop’ clinical nutritional assessment or a comprehensive 1 year weight management programme at Spire Cardiff Hospital.

Vascular Medicine Clinic

We offer a comprehensive assessment of your risk of developing heart disease and identifying how this risk can be reduced. We offer extensive biochemical and cardiovascular testing to ensure that you receive the best possible advice. Our particular expertise is in complex lipid metabolism disorders, managing drug intolerance- such as to statins and dealing with individuals who have a strong family history of early heart disease.

Diagnostic Medicine Service

We focus on the biochemical and metabolic causes of disease. This involves an assessment of the individual and interpretation and management of laboratory findings. Common inquiries include problems related to calcium, vitamin D, and other vitamins and hormones. Laboratory services are provided by Spire Cardiff Hospital or the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff where Dr Datta is a consultant.