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Weight Loss, Vascular and Diagnostic Medicine

Welcome to the home of medical weight lossvascular medicine and  diagnostic medicine in Cardiff and beyond.

The Metabolic Clinic is headed by Professor Dev Datta, an NHS Medical Consultant and we only work with qualified nurses and dietitians. Most of our services are provided in the private Spire Cardiff Hospital

The Metabolic Clinic offers services in three specialist areas.

Clinical Services

Weight Management

Weight Management

Our clinic provides individuals with tailored one to one management, led by an experienced doctor with a team of an expert dietitian, nurse and cognitive-behavioural therapist and physiotherapist.

Vascular Medicine

Vascular Medicine

Each individual who attends the clinic has a comprehensive assessment and recommendation. Specific testing for individuals with a family history of early onset heart disease includes biochemical testing and genetic testing for Familial Hypercholesterolaemia if appropriate.

Diagnostic Medicine

Diagnostic Medicine

This involves an assessment of the individual and interpretation and management of laboratory findings. Common inquiries include problems related to calcium, vitamin D, and other vitamins and hormones.

Patient Testimonials

  • Testimonial 2

    After 23 years of having a raised cholesterol ranging between 10 and 17 mmol/L, sent to endless cholesterol consultants and taking numerous types of medication with no effect, I found Dr Dev Datta. After some blood tests and 12 weeks of medication,my cholesterol went downfrom 14 to 5.3 mmol/L! I cannot say how grateful I am.

  • Test Testimonial

    I contacted the Metabolic clinic after 2 lots of blood tests showed hormonal imbalance & high levels of prolactin, after a telephone consultation with Dev Datta, where he asked a few questions with regards to symptoms & readings, my worries were laid to rest. The secretary was extremely polite and well informed & I was contacted within a few days by Dev Datta who took his time and went through all my worries and concerns. My experience of the clinic was extremely positive.