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Weight Management

Weight Management and Medical Weight Loss

Weight Management Cardiff

Losing weight is never easy. Group sessions can be effective, however this is not suitable for everybody and it is also important to identify and assess health problems associated with excess weight. It is also important to consider how you can not only lose weight, but maintain weight loss. It can also be difficult to decide if you wish to pursue interventions for obesity such as surgery. Our weight management clinic provides individuals with tailored one to one management, led by an experienced doctor with a team of an expert dietitian, nurse and cognitive- behavoural therapist and physiotherapist. There are many options for weight loss available on the market. If you are not sure, we can provide you with the opportunity to find out what option will be best for you at your first appointment. This approach, with access to surgical options for weight loss on the same site, is unique within Wales.

Weight Loss Programme

You first consultation will be Dr Dev Datta who specialises in non-surgical weight loss management. He will undertake a detailed medical consultation. This will ensure that you are fit to enrol in the program and to ensure the program can be adapted for any of your personal requirements. At this appointment he will discuss all suitable and safe approaches for weight loss and what is best for you. Our focus is not just on weight loss- it is also focused on improving your health.

He will also refer you for blood tests that measure significant markers for heart risk and diabetes such as you lipid profile and HbA1C as well as a heart tracing (ECG). Further testing of hormone levels will be undertaken if it is clinically appropriate. If there are any obvious problems, we will be able to spot them early. Some patients may also wish to embark on a course of weight loss management drugs which can be discussed with Dr Datta.

Dr Datta will then discuss the program and ask what you would like to achieve. This way our multidisciplinary team can support you throughout the program. We employ a variety of dietitian-supervised interventions including low-calorie diets.

The programme fee covers all consultations with health professionals over 1 year and medication to help with weight loss if needed. Sessions are provided on a one-to-one basis. You will be seen frequently during the first 6 months of the programme, with lower intensity support provided for the second half of the programme.

No long term sustainable weight loss is easy, and changing the way in which you make your life choices can be even more difficult. That’s why we’ve chosen a multidisciplinary team approach to help you through this adjustment. This approach of using a multidisciplinary team often described as a ‘Level 3 Service’ is described as a key component of the Welsh Government All Wales Obesity Pathway and the Royal College of Physicians 2013 ‘Action on Obesity’ Report. There is currently very limited access to NHS Level 3 services in Wales.