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New NICE guidelines for lipid modification

NICE Guidelines for testing and treatment of cholesterol in the UK were launched in July 2014. They have generated a lot of press interest as the threshold for who should be offered treatment has been reduced- meaning more people may be offered treatment. At the Metabolic Clinic we advocate individual and personalised assessment and treatment for individuals who will will benefit from this. In certain situations Dr Datta recommends further tests such as blood vessel scanning (carotid intima-media thickness) or CT coronary calcium scoring. However, its the discussion you have with an expert and your subsequent understanding of your own ‘heart risk’ which is more important than any test. We are happy to take clinical enquiries via e mail.

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Vitamin D- who needs testing and treatment?

New Guidance on Vitamin D from Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Dr Datta is lead author for Guidance on Vitamin D, published in November 2013 by Cardiff and Vale Univeristy Health Board. This document provides guidance on who would benefit from having their Vitamin D levels measured and potentially require treatment

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